Organization Culture Killers!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Progress on the book series is going great! Over the last several months I have been interviewing and obtaining feedback from some of the world's top executives and leaders. Their response to the book and its content has been amazing! Below are just a few of the reactions to our book series:

“There is a lot of buzz around what’s working, what’s not and how to fix things. I believe this book series is going to play an important role for organizations’ today and their potential for success in the future.”

“Daniel Goleman’s book on emotional intelligence changed my life and had a big impact around the world. I see the Business Culture Killers series in the same light. This is going to be a game changer!”

The enthusiasm and support from the objective view of other business leaders only confirms my original theories about how firms are often using "best practices" to their disadvantage. Following an archaic set of "best practices" is like sticking to a brick and mortar only business model in our quickly evolving global economy. Instead, I suggest a new philosophy of "better practices" and continual improvement.

The "Organization Culture Killers" book series takes examples and learnings from organizations across all sectors with input from the brightest minds to help explain how these "best practices" are being used, and the effect they are having on culture and performance. The "Deadly Practices" books are guides for future leaders to make change towards "better practices" and how to synchronize systems, culture, and performance that encourages long term growth and viability.

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