“The best speaker at the conference, very engaging!”



“Outstanding presentation content, audience engagement and delivery!”



“I loved Tabitha’s presentation on Business Culture Killers – it was an eye opener!”



“Great presentation and information!  Tabitha is a very energetic speaker!”



“Tabitha is an awesome speaker and has a great message!”



“Tabitha has a presentation style that keeps the audience engaged and interested.
I will certainly be attending more of her sessions in the future.”


“I thought Tabitha’s energy level was fantastic. Her passion shows and it’s a good thing. I really enjoyed her presentation.”

"Tabitha has the ability to lead and influence teams to get the best results. Her track record in terms of delivering results over the six years I have known her has been exemplary."

"T.A. Laser communicates well and offers a firm, yet fair, approach to management. She is thorough and works confidently as an individual contributor as well as in a team environment."

"T.A. Laser is an absolute joy to work with. She collaborates well across multi-functional teams, seeks input where needed, and consults effectively so she can make a thorough and informed decision that will improve the workforce."