Leadership Coaching and Consultation Services

T.A. Laser Consulting, LLC was founded by Tabitha A. Laser, CSP with the mission to provide leaders and organizations with the support and tools necessary to survive and thrive.    She has worked with numerous organizations to identify Deadly Practices and implement solutions, resulting in increased compliance, reduced turnover and millions of dollars in savings.


We partner with public, private and non-profit organizations around the globe to assess, build and achieve cultures of success by providing leaders with customized and fit-for-purpose coaching and consulting services designed to eradicate Deadly Practices, improve moral and employee satisfaction, reduce risks, strengthen brand image and reputation, and support sustainable growth and profitability.   


If you would like to strengthen your organization's foundation, develop better leaders, foster cultures aligned with your expectations and achieve sustainable success without wasting valuable time and resources, T.A. Laser would be more than happy to assist you on your journey to excellence!

Schedule your free consult with T.A. Laser to discuss fit-for-purpose solutions to reduce turnover, improve performance and deliver sustainable success.

Leadership Coaching

  • Motivational Seminars (see Inspire page to book T.A. Laser for your next event)

  • One-on-one Leadership Coaching
  • On-call Technical Guidance and Support

Consultation Services

Assessments and Strategic Planning:

  • ​OPALS Gap Assessment (as referenced in Organization Culture Killers, Deadly Expectations 1)

  • Management System Effectiveness (Compliance and Conformance)

  • Documentation Review and Improvement

  • Business Continuity/Resiliency Review

  • Organizational Culture Assessments

  • Benchmarking, Data Analysis & Trending

  • Risk Assessment Facilitation

  • Root Cause Analysis


Educational Workshops and Competency Assessments:

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Technical Workshops

  • Risk Assessment Methods

  • Problem Solving Methods

  • Personal Accountability

  • Leadership Skills

  • Crisis Exercise Facilitation